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Quality Policy

In our company, which produces products for the automotive and timber sector, it is our basic principle to determine the customer expectations and desires with our customers and to produce under the management of experienced technical staff.In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we are continuously improving our quality system with the participation of our employees in terms of superior quality, reliability, price and lead time of our products.With the total quality approach, to follow the new technologies, to integrate with the supplier-industry and protect our natural environment is our main goal.

Customer satisfaction;
Our goal is to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction by fully meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

Involvement of our employees and continuous improvement;
By making team spirit and teamwork one of the basic elements of our company culture, it is our team's own responsibility to continuously improve our quality in line with the total quality approach, to increase environmental awareness and to give importance to employee training in order to ensure occupational health and safety.

Keeping our customer satisfaction in the forefront with the necessary technological investments to provide a suitable working environment for our employees.

Integration with supplier industry;
We integrate with our supplier-industry in order to ensure that our decision-making and implementation processes for high quality products and customer satisfaction are more efficient.

Protecting the environment;
To ensure the prevention of environmental pollution at every stage of our production and to continuously improve our environmental performance.
To reduce all wastes arising from our activities as much as possible at the source.
By contributing to recycling and with controlled use of natural resources, to extend the life of natural resources.
In all processes in our company, in order to ensure occupational health and safety of customers, visitors and employees, we control the environment and OHS risk assessments and minimize risks.

Compliance with legal requirements;
We undertake that all materials used in production and all products we produce comply with current legal requirements.