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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • The organization ensures the safety and security of the employees in the workplace in accordance with the laws and continuously tries to improve it for the improvement of the business environment.
  • Protective equipment is delivered to the employees considering the working conditions.  
  • With the orientation process, Occupational Health and Safety trainings are given and tested.
  • Employees are not allowed to work alone with the machines without gaining competence.
  • In warehouses, products are stacked in accordance with the stacking rules.
  • Work is carried out in accordance with the rules for lifting heavy objects.
  • The machines are periodically maintained.
  • Periodic checks of fire tubes and equipment are performed.
  • Periodic controls and maintenance of electrical installations, lifting equipment and transportation vehicles are carried out.
  • Health checks of the personnel who have started to work are carried out and examined by the workplace physician and allowed to start working if passes checks.
  • Health checks of the employees are carried out at least once every 3 years.
  • Visitors are given a booklet with general occupational safety rules and protective equipments. After that they are allowed to enter our company.
  • Work accidents are notified to the Ministry of Labor in accordance with the legal process.
  • In the company, near miss forms are filled when necessary and precautions are taken to prevent work accidents.
  • MSDS Cards of the chemicals used in the company are hung in the places where the chemicals are used and the employees are informed.
  • Emergency teams are established within the company and trainings are provided to teams. (Fire, Evacuation Team, etc.)
  • Employees' representatives are elected by a vote decision within the company and these representatives become spokespersons for all employees.
  • Unauthorized persons are not allowed to perform maintenance or repairs.
  • Subcontractors are not allowed to work in the company without all necessary documents are completed(Official documents, health reports, PPE, risk analysis, etc)
  • Fire extinguishers are always easily accesible and filled and in front of emergency exit doors are always open and ready for usage.
  • Employees are informed about the rules within the company and they signed a form stating they will comply these rules.